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How To Care For Your Chesterfield Sofa

  Like thousands of discerning homeowners worldwide, you’ve chosen your perfect chesterfield Sofa and it looks great in your room. Natural distressing and aging can add to the visual appeal of a chesterfield sofa over time but it’s important to protect against unsightly cracking, drying and stains.   Cleaning a Leather Chesterfield Sofa Leather is […]

5 Inventive Chairs For Amazing Relaxation

When somebody says ‘chair’ you probably have a fairly fixed image in your mind – four legs, straight back, upholstered seat – and variations on that such as armchairs, sofas, tub chairs and stools typically don’t depart too far from the basic shape. But there are some very inventive designs out there, built for pure […]

Does Your Sofa Suit Your Lifestyle?

What does a sofa mean to you? Is it a place to sit comfortably but still upright, with friends or family by your side? Or do you have a sofa all to yourself, with room to lounge around in and, if you choose, to lie across the cushions instead of sitting? The way you prefer […]