The Chesterfield Company – The Richmount Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Have you heard the breaking news story about the long lost Michelangelo found behind a sofa?

Potentially worth up to £190m, the painting had been hidden behind a sofa since the 1970’s after being passed down through the family for generations. With X-rays verifying the age of the painting, and the various developments it went through as the artist reconsidered his vision, the painting has so far passed all tests for its authenticity.

Some say the sofa was similar in design to our Richmount sofa Just like the Michelangelo this classic design is likely to be popular for decades to come.

With an expansive history to match the painting the Richmount Leather Chesterfield Sofa has been lovingly produced in the United Kingdom since the 1800’s.

While this painting is unlikely to ever see the back of a sofa again, you can be sure that anything you store behind a Chesterfield Company sofa is likely to have an excellent view!

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