Welcome to The Chesterfield Company Blog

Welcome to the new The Chesterfield Company blog.

We’re hoping our regular updates will provide practical advice for taking good care of your Leather sofa, or Chesterfield sofas in addition we’ll be keeping you informed of new additions to The Chesterfield Company range, whilst keeping an eye open for current interior design trends to help you pick the ideal design for your home. This post is all about choosing both the perfect leather and size for your home. All of our designs use British Leather and the best British upholstery techniques, passed down through the generations.

Aniline Leather & Aniline Dyes

It is the standard of leather that is used and the treatment to which the leather is subjected, which differentiates high quality leather sofas from inferior products. All of our sofas are made utilises only the top 5% of leather hides.  Aniline or Semi Aniline refers to the dyeing process used to treat the leather, leather that has been finished during the tanning process with Aniline Dye is known as Aniline Leather. The advantage of aniline dye is that the natural surface of the leather is retained, leaving all the character of the natural hide making aniline leather ideal for making beautiful unique sofas.

Semi Aniline  leather is  also treated with aniline dyes, the difference being that a clear sealant topcoat is then applied to give the Leather a sheen and an additional level of protection. These are important considerations to make when choosing a quality Leather sofa, especially as most sofas need to withstand the rough and tumble of family life. All of our sofas are available in full aniline or semi aniline leather.

Where Can I buy a 4 seater sofa?

Sometimes a 2 seat sofa or loveseat is simply not large enough, you want a large sofa you can comfortably lie down on to watch television, that’s why we introduced large leather sofas into the vast majority of our ranges. Our 4 seater sofas crafted with British Leather can seat 4 people and are a striking addition to any living room.

Well that concludes the first edition of the Chesterfield Company blog, we hope you’ve found it interesting and informative, if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to be  covered by future editions don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@thechesterfieldcompany.com Come back next time for our advice on sofa care.

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