Art Deco Sofa Bed

Astoria Leather Art Deco Sofa Bed


This month’s featured product is our Astoria Art Deco Leather Sofa Bed; with its distinctively large, fully rounded arms, this classic British retro design will make a bold statement and will immediately grab the attention of all your family and friends. The design of this art deco sofa bed oozes style and conjures up images of the roaring 20s and eclectic 30s whilst maintaining the quality Chesterfield tradition.

Is Art Deco Furniture Making a Comeback?

The art deco movement began post World War 1 in France and has a style which is instantly recognisable by its rich colours, symmetry and bold geometrical shapes; characteristics which our Astoria art deco sofa bed has in oodles. During the interwar period the economy was flourishing and art deco represented luxury, glamour and exuberance and took its inspiration from the rapid industrialisation which was transforming culture. Two of the most iconic examples of art deco design that remain today are the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings in New York.

In more recent history, the likes of Ralph Lauren has revived the art deco theme with its One Fifth Home collection and we have also seen women’s fashion embracing the design. The popularity of television shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby also signify a resurgence of the art deco design.

If you’re looking for an art deco-inspired sofa bed to add some glamour to your home, The Chesterfield Company is the place to come. The frame of our Astoria is lovingly handcrafted from solid seasoned beech wood and comes in a range of sizes from a 1.5 seater all the way up to a 3.5 seater. Our choice of leathers will complement any room and include full grain leather, old vintage aniline and premium aniline. And when you need an extra bed for the night, you can relax into a peaceful night’s sleep on our luxurious sprung mattress.

As far as art deco sofa beds go, we think this is the best!

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