Yearly Archives: 2014

Glorious Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

Living rooms often have plenty of places to sit, but not many surfaces on which to place anything else. A great sofa is the centerpiece of any lounge, but for practicality’s sake it’s always useful to have a coffee table within easy reach. Choose wisely and this can add more than just a resting place […]

A Little Guide To Mix And Match Dining Room Decoration

Mix and Match is a hot trend in dining room decoration, and a good way of dressing a room on a budget, to achieve a distinctive visual style, or if you simply want some understated elegance without the usual formality of a matching dining room furniture set. Despite the apparently random nature of Mix and […]

5 Brilliant Storage Ideas

Regardless of how you feel about storage, it’s something every home needs, and you face the decision of whether you want your storage to be visible, and part of your interior design scheme, or hidden away in ingenious places around your home. Here are five of our favourite storage ideas, which together offer a selection […]

5 Tips For Decorating Your Conservatory

Conservatories have only relatively recently become something that a large number of households have access to – before that they were the preserve of the relatively wealthy, and while that is still true to a certain extent, more and more of us are able to afford to have one built, or to buy a home […]

Summer ’14 Interior Design Ideas

It’s been a long time coming, but summer 2014 is finally here, and the long warm days make it an ideal time for some home makeovers – paint and plaster will dry faster, there’s still the August bank holiday weekend ahead, and the better weather means you can do some of the work outdoors. Here’s […]

The Best Sofas For Your Bedroom

In the stifling heat of the summer months, your bedroom can be a cool and calming oasis in which you can escape for an hour or two during the evening. But you might reasonably not want to spend those hours in bed, especially if the lingering heat of the day means you do not want […]

5 Inventive Chairs For Amazing Relaxation

When somebody says ‘chair’ you probably have a fairly fixed image in your mind – four legs, straight back, upholstered seat – and variations on that such as armchairs, sofas, tub chairs and stools typically don’t depart too far from the basic shape. But there are some very inventive designs out there, built for pure […]

Chesterfield Sofas – Where It All Began

Where did Chesterfield sofas first appear? Northerners might hope to claim them as hailing from Chesterfield in Derbyshire, but sadly this is not the case. Quite the opposite in fact, as their invention is generally credited to Lord Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, not to be confused with the several other Philip Stanhopes […]

Does Your Sofa Suit Your Lifestyle?

What does a sofa mean to you? Is it a place to sit comfortably but still upright, with friends or family by your side? Or do you have a sofa all to yourself, with room to lounge around in and, if you choose, to lie across the cushions instead of sitting? The way you prefer […]